Six in a Golf Cart

I met Terri and Andrew for the first time at Warwick castle. We toured round the grounds bouncing ideas off each other and generally goofing around. Both Terri and Andy work for large car dealerships, Terri as a Business Manager and Andy as a Sales Manager. I remember Terri smiling almost constantly and Andy coming out with some of the cheesyest ‘dad jokes’ I’ve ever heard, we got on great!

There are so many backdrops at Warwick Castle that we were more than spoiled for choice. Terri and Andy decided that a second shooter would be handy and so I got my friend and excellent photographer involved. We’d be pressed for time we realised as there wouldn’t be much light to play with so we hit on the use of a golf cart which was great on the day as we got to zip around the grounds at well not break neck speed, something more like six miles an hour but perhaps because there were actually six of us on it, myself and my second shooter Keagan, the videographer, Terri and Andy of course and the driver too. The day was packed full, with occasional surprises to keep the guests on their toes. I interviewed Terri about their day. Read on to hear all about it.

So, how did you guys meet, what’s the story?

We met at work seven years ago. The first time I saw Andy my comment was “He’s a bit of me he is!” We went for a couple of drinks but nothing ever happened and we then spent the next five years dancing the fine line between love and hate ... we argued like cat and dog! We worked closely together in the same office for years and despite all the falling out, we built a solid friendship. When I moved jobs, I’d call Andy for advice and we just eventually got even closer :-)

A kind of Beatrice and Benedict situation then, that in mind what was the proposal like?

Haha, we were in bed and I’ll leave it at that!

Fair enough say no more, moving swiftly on to safe territory. How long were you engaged?

About 14 months

So you had a bit of time then, although planning a wedding can be a full time job, how did you find it?

I found the planning quite rushed and stressful, we both work extremely long hours so it was hard trying to plan everything around work. I wish I could have taken a bit more time to explore things but then it all ended up so perfectly anyway, it didn’t really matter.

Yeah it was awesome, went without a hitch, well bar the jester having whiplash but not much you can do there. Did anything else ‘interesting’ happen along the way?

Well, it’s true what they say, it’s the family that give you the biggest headaches! And finding out my best friend/bridesmaid would be eight and a half months pregnant on the day was a little nerve-racking haha!

True, I was secretly hoping for her water to break during the ceremony but no such luck. It would have been cool to have been born in Warwick Castle though! What made you choose it as a venue?

We only actually looked at Warwick Castle. We were watching a program called ‘Great British Castles’ and I mentioned you could get married at Warwick... a visit was booked and that was it, all booked up very rapidly! It felt perfect for us.

It sat very well with the whole theme, for those who weren’t there though; what did you wear and why?

We went with a 20’s theme due to our love of Peaky Blinders. Andy and the Groomsman wore blue three piece suits with flat caps, champagne cravats and Andy also had his Grandfather’s pocket watch which was perfect. I had an ivory mermaid style fitted dress by Pronovias with a long train that I 20’d up with a Marabou wrap and an Art Deco headpiece and not forgetting my beautiful blue Manolo Blahnik shoes!

Very cool. I loved it. Why 20’s though, a certain connection or does it just fit…?

We went with a 20’s theme mainly because I’d been struggling to find a style of wedding dress I liked. They were all too puffy or lacy or girly.
We were watching Peaky Blinders one night and it was an episode that contained a wedding. Out of nowhere, Andy piped up with ‘What about a 20’s style dress?’ I looked, quite liked them and so it went from there! We obviously then had to get a bit of Peaky Blinders into the wedding so we named the tables after the main characters. We decided to leave the decor as simple as possible - we were lucky that Warwick Castle is so beautiful and has so many lovely things to look at. We didn’t want to detract from that; so the only flowers we had were the bouquets and buttonholes. They were simple and pretty - white flowers and blue ribbon to match my shoes.
The invitations and table stationary we had in an Art Deco style and my friend who owns ‘The Little Cake Shop’ in Cannock made us a beautiful Art Deco four tier wedding cake. The Bridesmaids wore champagne coloured empire line dresses and also had fur wraps with gold Art Deco head pieces.

Everyone got involved too. I walked into the ceremony room and it was all braces and peaked caps. Speaking of, tell me about the ceremony.

It was beautiful, it goes by in a blur though! I remember feeling like I was queuing up for a roller coaster, then the music started and then we were walking back out! We had didn’t go for extra readings just the standard ones provided by the registrar, we didn’t feel we needed to add to it. My favorite bit was getting to Andy and then all the stress just melted away, I was so happy. Andy said there was no part he could say was his favorite, it was all good.

Once the serious bit was out the way then what was the rest like, the party and reception?

We had a DJ provided by the castle, a bar and hot pork baps. It was so hot, we kept disappearing outside for a cool down in between trying to get round to seeing everyone. It was brilliant though, I loved looking round and seeing people laughing and dancing and having a good time!
By the end of the night I’d pulled my hairpiece out and shoved my hair back in a bun, I’m pretty confident my makeup was halfway down my face and I’d given up with my heels so was in my trainers which meant I was standing all over my dress. I remember saying to my Mother-in-Law that I must look a right state and she replied with ‘Not at all, you look like a bride that’s had a bloody good day!’ and it was so true.

You had some very unique entertainment, in face I’ve never seen anything like that done at a wedding. Can you tell me about it?

We had a Knight on Horseback to lead our guests around and we had fighting Knights during the wedding breakfast.
One of the knights was the Master of Ceremonies and the other had been sat like a mannequin while the guests were being seated... He then sprang out and surprised everybody. Why did we choose these? We were in a castle, why not!

Good point, I loved that actually, and for those reading at home, I laid in wait whilst a guest sat right next to the ‘suit of armour’ and settled herself in, it was about 10 minutes later that he roared to life and gave her a massive fright. Lovely. So they fought, then you ate and then it was first dance time. What did you choose and why?

We had ‘Into the Mystic’ by Van Morrison. We are both fans of his music and we’d planned to get dance lessons to have our own special first dance. It was the right tempo to dance to and had the right meaning.

Have you got any advice for couples getting married?

Not to sweat the small stuff! There may be hiccups on the day - I promise you won’t even notice! And ultimately it’s committing to your partner and doing what makes you both happy is that’s important, not what everyone else thinks.

Jolly good advice. Would you do anything differently?

No, nothing.

Good answer! A dicey question this one, did you stick to your budget?

We didn’t really budget. Probably should have as we had a poor Christmas haha.

So technically yes then! Perfect.

Feedback time for me; this question was done via email so as to get a more honest answer and more honest feedback; How would you describe my style of photography?

Very natural and not obtrusive. We didn’t want a photographer who would take lots of ‘posey’ photos, and I don’t think I’m particularly photogenic when posing. We wanted a photographer who would capture not only the big moments but also the small moments that are easily missed and true expressions and that’s what we found!

Well that’s a good start, but what was it like to work with me?

Terrible! Kidding :-) Really easy, and you’re good company. You came up with some great ideas when you visited the Castle with us and kept everything calm and light hearted on the day - you definitely went above and beyond, a true professional! I think you ‘got’ mine and Andy’s sense of humour too which helped and that has come across in the pictures. You’ve also got a small fan base with my friends!

Blimey! Good to know :) Thanks.

So Credit where Credit’s due, who did the following?

Cake - The Little Cake Shop, Bridgtown, Cannock