About Shot Differently

It all started when…

I acted as a second shooter at a close friend's wedding. I didn't have to bother with the formal photos but had fun catching sly glances, big laughs and my best friend being told off by his mum. That was over ten years ago and since that moment on I've shot weddings. Having never worked for another company I came at wedding photography with fresh eyes and ideas.

My main focus is and always has been informal shooting. Catching moments and events as they unfold. This part I'd say is the skill, to capture a moment properly you need to take a photo at the precise point in time when the story of that moment can be summed up in a single image. Shoot too early and you've caught a suggestion of what could be. Shoot too late and the moment's passed and reactions are already fading. It's the split second between these two that I've always endeavored to catch. It requires intuition, knowing your camera instinctively and being able to successfully focus and compose a photograph with no set up, a second's warning and all the hazards a wedding throws at you. I love it!